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Uma curta homenagem a Stephen Hawking

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Early Life


Stephen Hawking early life


Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England on January 8, 1942. He grew up in a highly educated family. Both of his parents had attended Oxford University and his father, Frank, was a medical researcher.


Stephen enjoyed math and science in school where he earned the nickname “Einstein.” He wanted to study math at university but Oxford didn’t have a math degree at the time so he chose physics and chemistry instead. Stephen found college coursework to be very easy. He enjoyed being a member of the school’s boat club as well as classical music. After graduation, he went to Cambridge to study for his PhD.


Diagnosed with ALS


Esclerose lateral amiotrófica


While Hawking was working on his PhD at Cambridge University, he began to have health issues. His speech became slurred and he became very clumsy, often dropping items or falling for no reason. After going through a series of tests, doctors discovered that Hawking had a disease called ALS (also called Lou Gehrig’s disease). At the time, the doctors said he only had a few years to live.


Overcoming ALS


Stephen Hawking


Although Hawking was initially depressed over his diagnosis, he decided that there were things he wanted to accomplish with his life. He began to study and work harder than ever before. He wanted to earn his PhD before he died. Around the same time, he met and fell in love with a girl named Jane Wilde. Between his work and Jane, Hawking had a reason to live.


Despite the initial grim diagnosis from his doctors, Hawking has lived a full and productive life with the help of science and modern medicine. Although he is confined to a wheelchair and cannot talk, he can communicate using a touch pad computer and a voice synthesizer.




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